What will you learn?

Almost every question you have about working with horses and lights should be covered in this introductory course. The syllabus amongst other modules includes;

  • Equipment

    Discover what equipment is needed to create stunning dramatic portraits in different environments. You will likely find it is less than what you think.

  • Working safely with horses & lights

    Helpful guidance to ensure you can keep a safe working environment for everyone involved in the photoshoot. Discover Katie's desensitisation techniques for ensuring her equine models relax infront of the camera.

  • Locations

    Know which locations will work and which will not according to your equipment and desired results. Hints and tips to make sure you can find somewhere suitable no matter the venue.

Start your learning journey

What are you waiting for? Learn how professional fine art equine photographer Katie Mortimore creates her striking portraits

Bonus material included with the course

In addition to the main course you also receive a collection of bonus content to help raise your photographic game

  • Lightroom Presets

    Jumpstart your editing process using Katie's very own Lighroom editing presets created specificially for studio lit sessions.

  • Personal Image Critique

    Take advantage of a personal critique of up to 5 images of your choosing by Katie. Discover what changes you can make to elevate your work to the next level. * Images to be submitted for critique within 3 months of course

  • Bonus material

    A collection of invaluable PDF downloads to help you streamline and organise your photoshoots

Meet your instructor

Katie has become renown in the South of England for her fine art equine photography, in particular for her trademark low key (black background) images. She has been a photographer for many years, before turning professional about 10 years ago, and moving full time in 2017. Katie has been shortlisted for the Fine Art Photographer of the year awards three times. She has been around horses her entire life which gives her the unparalleled knowledge of not only what makes a good image of a horse but also how to handle and act around them to show them off to their best. Katie is a firm believer in educating the next generation of photographers. She has offered bespoke 1 to 1 training for several years and thoroughly enjoys watching the growth of emerging talent.

Katie Mortimore

What are you waiting for?

Learn how to master your lighting equipment to produce stunning low key equine portraits. Be confident in your ability to deliver exceptional images to your clients, whilst behaving in a professional and most importantly safe manner, ensuring an enjoyable experience for your equine models.

Course Preview & Fundementals

The aim of this course is to teach you how to utilise off-camera lighting, to produce black background images of horses in camera. This course is an introduction to the niche but is structured to give you a solid foundation to allow you to produce your own images confidently and successfully. An important part of this course is that it is based primarily around low key photography. This is best described as using a single light to sculpt a subject, often described as Rembrandt lighting. There are therefore large areas of shade and contrast, a style that may not suit everyone. I do though discuss the use of 2 or more lights within the course and the majority of the fundamentals are relevant whatever your final light set up if opting for a more traditional three-light set up for example. You should be mindful that dependent on your equipment level, location and subjects, additional post-editing will vary, and may well be essential to achieve a totally black background. There is a presumption that you have basic knowledge of manually exposing your camera, and understand, including the relationships between them, shutter speed, ISO and aperture. If you require a refresher see the downloads section of the course. There is also an additional presumption that you have a sound basic understanding of horses and their behaviour. Namely, you should be able to identify key stress warning signs. I advise strongly against anyone without such knowledge operating lights around horses without specific in-person training.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    An introduction

  • 02

    Preparing for your photoshoots

  • 03

    The session itself

    • Achieving a correct exposure - Camera & lighting settings

    • 1 light, 2, or more

    • Happy Horse, Happy Client - learn to recognise the signs

    • Desensitising the horse

    • Equipment positioning & posing

    • Different colours different options

  • 04

    After the session

    • Introduction to editing - helpful guidance

  • 05

    FAQs and extra helpful hints

    • FAQs & Helpful hints

  • 06

    Image Critique

    • Personal image critique

  • 07

    Any questions?!

    • Questions for Katie

  • 08


    • Lightroom presets

    • Session Workflow

    • Camera Settings Cheat Sheet

    • Studio Lighting Positions & Poses Reference Sheet

    • Equipment checklists

    • Lightroom & Photoshop Editing Shortcuts